2018-2019 sailing trip

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Engine cover sound deadening replacement 2020-07-18
Cumberland Island, Brunswick, and Beaufort 2020-07-03
Vero Beach to St. Augustine 2020-07-03
Bahamas: Great Harbor Cay to Norman's Cay 2020-04-21
Leaving the Bahamas 2020-04-21
Trivia via VHF 2020-03-20
Seawater Pro watermaker install on our Hunter 376 sailboat 2020-03-09
A week on South Bimini 2020-02-01
Crossing to Bimini in the Bahamas 2020-02-01
Randy arrives 2020-01-22
Sewing a new cockpit canopy 2020-01-22
Vero Beach 2019-12-27
Hunter 376 microwave replacement 2019-12-10
Victron MultiPlus inverter won't turn on using Color Control GX 2019-12-08
Overnight trip and long days to Cocoa, FL 2019-11-30
Sailing solo 2019-11-26
Survived the storm 2019-11-18
Anchor watch in Beaufort, NC 2019-11-16
Oriental and Beaufort, NC, and a big blow coming 2019-11-14
Alligator River to Belhaven, NC 2019-11-08
End of the Dismal Swamp Canal and into the Albemarle Sound 2019-11-07
August in Maine 2019-11-04
Annapolis to Hampton, VA 2019-11-03
Boston, MA to Rockland, ME 2019-11-03
Atlantic City, NJ to Boston, MA 2019-11-02
Visiting Washington, D.C. 2019-10-25
Back in Annapolis 2019-10-23
Block Island -> Port Washington -> Atlantic City -> Cape May -> Chesapeake City 2019-10-20
Provincetown -> Martha's Vineyard -> Cuttyhunk Island -> Block Island 2019-09-27
Anchor dragging 2019-09-18
Isles of Shoals -> Gloucester -> Provincetown 2019-09-18
Another day at Isles of Shoals and exploring Star Island 2019-09-14
Hurricane Dorian has passed 2019-09-07
Hurricane Dorian is approaching 2019-09-02
Ocean sunfish on the way to Rockland, ME 2019-07-25
Norfolk, VA to Atlantic City, NJ 2019-06-30
We made it to Boston 2019-06-28
Cuttyhunk Island 2019-06-26
Traversing eastern Long Island Soundd 2019-06-26
717 miles to Boston 2019-06-07
Georgetown, SC to Norfolk, VA 2019-06-06
St. Augustine, FL to Georgetown, SC 2019-05-22
Fort Lauderdale, FL to St. Augustine, FL 2019-05-20
Heading north 2019-05-13
Changing engine oil 2019-05-10
Cassie is arriving today 2019-04-22
Snorkelling begins 2019-04-22
Arrival at Dinner Key 2019-04-11
On the move after two months 2019-04-07
Palm Coast, FL to Wabasso, FL 2019-02-05