Image Start of usage End of usage Price
Pixel 4a front Pixel 4a $350
Pixel 3a Clearly White back angle view Google Pixel 3a Clearly White $400
moto gāµĖ¢ plus front and back moto gāµĖ¢ plus $230
Hauwei Nexus 6P front and back Huawei Nexus 6P $500
Nokia Lumia Icon 929 rear Nokia Lumia Icon 929 $400
HTC Windows Phone 8X Red front, rear, and side HTC Windows Phone 8X Red $200?
HTC 7 Trophy front, back, and side HTC 7 Trophy $430
Droid X side, front, back, and side Motorola Droid X
LG Chocolate opened front angle LG Chocolate VX8500
LG VX3300 front opened and closed LG VX3300