717 miles to Boston

By aaron.axvig, Fri, 06/07/2019 - 03:00
Mileage sign in AICW

We passed through our first lock yesterday just south of Norfolk, VA. We only moved about 18" down in the lock. They had this board which confirmed how far we've come (from Miami) and have left to go (to Boston).

As we left Norfolk this morning we heard on the radio that a US Navy submarine was leaving. So we dawdled for about 20 minutes and got to see it cruise out to sea about a half mile away. Also our anchorage was 2 miles from 3 aircraft carriers! Also the US Navy experimental stealth ship Stiletto passed us about 100 yards away at 32 knots! It has been a very exciting morning.

We hope to make it to the mouth of the Potomac River today. We will eventually get an update out about the past week+ before it fades too far from our memories.