Hurricane Dorian is approaching

By aaron.axvig, Mon, 09/02/2019 - 03:00

We spent the past month or so exploring Maine and in particular Mount Desert Island, home of Acadia National Park. More details on that to come!

Today we left Rockland to head towards Portland. The daily highs are in the mid 60s so time to head south! But of course there are hurricanes to worry about, even way up north here.

Dorian is likely to pass near the coast of Maine--the latest prediction shows that we are in the band representing a 20-30% chance of winds over 39mph. Near Portland there is a lot of interesting geography making for good places to hide in storms. So we plan to hang around there for the next week. Today we only made it to Burnt Island as we had a late start (autopilot was having issues) and then some rain was approaching. Tomorrow we will check out the most renowned "hurricane hole" in the area, The Basin. That will be a 36 mile trip with weak winds all day and strong waves in the morning so we will sleep in (as usual).

If Dorian becomes predicted to severely impact the area then we would be looking into things like leaving the boat for a few days and possibly hauling it out of the water. Also it would be a ton of work removing sails, removing solar panels, and finding some place to put the dinghy.