Trivia via VHF

By aaron.axvig, Fri, 03/20/2020 - 20:15
Our VHF radio

For entertainment tonight we played trivia via the VHF radio. There were about 15 teams playing.

The host read four questions for each round on the radio and we submitted our responses for each of the five rounds in a Google Docs form. At 5 points per question and a bonus point for signing up early we were in the middle of the pack with 31 points going into the final question. We wagered two points!

The final question asked who performed the song that was played at the beginning of the cruisers net this morning.  The cruisers net is also a VHF affair which consists of announcements, comings and goings, buy/sell/trade, and requests for help.  The host typically plays snippet of a song at the beginning of the program.  Of course no one knew that it would be a question in trivia that night, and based on the scores we heard I don't think anyone got it right.  It was '39 by Queen.  Pretty interesting that Queen wrote a folk song like that.  Betting only two points paid off and we tied with one group for third place!

In other business, everything except essential services was shut down yesterday in the Bahamas. It turns out most things that we care about ARE essential services...groceries, gas, water, laundry, and shipping parts (our steering needs some maintenance). And restaurants are doing take-out if we really want some fried food. No big social events is one of the few significant changes for us. And our friend Daniel is not coming to visit for a week as planned (it is interesting that he technically could, but it would be unwise).

We still plan to be in Georgetown until well into April, but that could easily change. Ideally tourism would be encouraged again by then and we would see a few more places on the way back to the US sometime in May. If we want to go back to the US anytime, we are able to, and stopping at Bahamas islands along the way for essential services is OK too.