Snorkelling begins

By aaron.axvig, Mon, 04/22/2019 - 03:00

We both ended up going to Crook and Crook for fins, and also some plain old snorkel/masks. Fun scooter ride there, but Anna found a scooter for herself first and then it took Aaron about 15 minutes of walking to find one for himself. We think the scooters might be a better buy than the folding bicycles that a lot of cruisers get, but we are fine renting for now.

Then Anna's friend Cassie arrived and we took her out to the boat. After some chatting and lunch we moved 1/2 mile from the mooring ball to our favored anchoring spot and then decided to test out our snorkel gear. For about two hours we swam around the boat, looking at the anchor stuck in the ground, cleaning the hull, testing the GoPro, and just looking around. Aaron saw a ray of some sort with about a three foot wingspan. There were a few 8" fish around. Visibility was only about 10 feet as the wind had come up, creating a little churn.

Then Aaron sat on his mask and shattered the glass. He will be up early tomorrow to go get a replacement before we leave.

We went to Monty's (well known local seafood place) for supper. Aaron forgot to put the plug in the dinghy so while we ate, it too ate...about 6" of seawater (2nd time we have done this, thank goodness it is an inflatable dinghy so no harm done). We borrowed a bucket from a neighboring dinghy at the dock and got most of the water out before heading back to the boat.