By aaron.axvig, Mon, 10/09/2006 - 03:00

Alright, this one came to mind on the trip back from San Jose on Sunday.  All I could see out the bus window was about 1/2 mile ahead (when lucky) and about 20 yards to the sides.  This--and the construction-slowed traffic we were stuck in for 10 minutes--made me wish to be at the top of a big hill on I-94, with a wide open view.

And it would be alright to throw in an exit sign that says "No Services."

By aaron.axvig, Tue, 10/03/2006 - 03:00

The latest installment in this series features frankfurters.  I have realized that this is probably a name made up by someone in my family (just like "corn-flake bars" which a lot of people know as skotcheroos).  Frankfurters are approximately 3"x4" pieces of dough deep fried and eaten with jelly or syrup on top.  Very delicious, and not unlike homemade elephant ears (the circus food).