By aaron.axvig, Sun, 09/03/2006 - 03:00

My new taco record is 8 tacos.  Three of them were the new pork type (those really fill a person up, by the way) and five steak tacos.  Now I'm off to get some juice, and then study.

By aaron.axvig, Sat, 09/02/2006 - 03:00

Today I ate tacos again, but I was adventurous and tried a new type of meat.  They have what could be called a "spit" outside of the taco shop, but it's a unique spit because it is mounted so the axis that the meat rotates around is vertical rather than horizontal, and the fire is next to the meat with a reflector directing the heat.  The meat is in a conical shape, with the fat part towards the top.  To serve it they hold a tortilla against the meat and shave some of it off with a knife, catching it with the tortilla.  I guess it's some kind of pork, and it ended up being really good.  It looked a lot like bacon, but was more moist and had excellent flavor.  As my dad would say, it tastes just like candy.

Then I went to a class that was rescheduled from Wednesday night two weeks from now to tonight 6-9pm.  I got there and someone from the class was sitting outside saying she'd just gotten an e-mail from him informing us that he was out of town.  He's got a horrible e-mail technique: he sends an e-mail to two of the girls in class, who then have to forward it on to whomever else in the class they have an e-mail for, who hopefully then give it to everyone else.  Next class period I'm going to give him my address too.

For supper I went to a different taco shop and had quesadillas with sausage that tasted a lot like the sausage we use in our cheese dip at home.  They were "make-you-own" quesadillas--I was given a small frying pan with melted cheese and meat in it and three tortillas.  It was very filling.  We saw Vicente Fox give a speech on TV at the restaurant, but I couldn't hear enough to try to understand it.


2019-10-20 - Its called tacos al pastor, and I still love it!

By aaron.axvig, Sun, 08/13/2006 - 23:00

I just ate at Taco Felix's, and had 6 tacos.  I'm pretty full now.  Eliot challenged me to see how many I could eat, and I think I can do more, but for now, 6 is the current record.  When I ordered them, the waiter did a double take, and had to confirm that I actually wanted six!

I should be off to play soccer pretty soon.  Hopefully I don't populate the field with ground up tacos.