Windows Photo Gallery - Facebook integration

By aaron.axvig, 11 September, 2007

As I dragged some photos out of Windows Photo Gallery into a folder so that I could upload them all to Facebook, where I then manually tagged them and added captions, I wondered why there isn't a program that could do this.  It should be possible now given Facebook's Application Platform.


  • Can upload any grouping of photos from WPG as an album to Facebook.  If more than 60 pictures are there, due to Facebook's 60/album limit, automatically break them into separate albums (Example 1, Example 2, etc.).  Also prompt for a name name of the album(s).
  • Carry tags, names, and captions over to Facebook.  For example, if I have a tag for Aaron Axvig in WPG, it should automatically tag me as in the picture on the Facebook side.  Ideally WPG would support placement of tags like Facebook does, but that might be tricky, so I'd settle for some sloppiness on the Facebook side.
  • Keep track of what's been uploaded to Facebook already, so I could potentially have it automatically keep all my photos on there.
  • Is a plugin for WPG (assuming WPG supports plugins or extensions of some form, otherwise a standalone app could work but would have to re-implement a lot of stuff that's already in WPG).


Also, how about something that adds in support for creating albums in WPG?  (Again, assuming some sort of plugin model exists.)