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By aaron.axvig, Wed, 03/25/2020 - 10:16
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Anna plays the new puzzles as they come out and I play from the archives.  I have completed May and April 2019 and almost completed March 2019.

For Monday and Tuesday I can usually finish the puzzle after revealing 1 to 5 squares that stump me.  For all the other weekdays I play with autocheck on, which helps a lot because I can guess.  Then I still usually have to reveal ~5 squares, and often more on harder Friday puzzles.  I often play in the evening when I have had a few drinks or in bed while falling asleep so not when my mind is the sharpest.

There is one annoying bug: with autocheck on, if you put in the first character of a rebus square there is no way to change it.  Say the correct rebus is SALT and I type an S in the square.  Now there is no way to change that square to SALT, because it counts the S as a correct answer.

Overall I have gotten a lot of enjoyment from this app.  It is pricey though!

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