By aaron.axvig, Sun, 02/09/2020 - 15:21
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I found this game on the No Bullshit Games page, which lists games that don't have IAPs or ads.  So generally they cost a couple bucks, and I believe this one did.

I really like the mechanics of this game.  Little agents move around your system of facilities automatically performing tasks.  It reminds me of the World/Kingdom of Keflings which I played nigh on a decade ago.  Setting up automated systems like this is one of my favorite game mechanics.

I don't like that the campaign levels are so short.  It seems like I could get more enjoyment out of the effort I put into setting everything up.  Actually these short levels would be OK for a few tutorial levels, maybe even 10 learning levels.  But it keeps going, and with seemingly random new things mixed in.  I have passed level 27 in the campaign and it keeps throwing in new concepts that are only used for one or two levels.  By now I am maybe four hours into the game and I am tired of learning one-off things.

It would help a lot of the buildings and/or resources were intuitively named.  Gumballs are made in a laboratory?  How am I supposed to remember that?  Maybe it should be called...a gumball factory!

At this point I don't really feel like completing the campaign.

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