1994 Ford F-150

By aaron.axvig, 6 December, 2019

Purchased from Grandpa Tom. 6 cylinder, two gas tanks, little flip down  seats in the back of the cab, Rhinoliner, plastic bug flare on the front of the hood I think.  I had a cassette adapter but one day that stopped working and I believe was stuck in there.

The 4WD system started to have issues after some intermittent ice near Mapleton shock loaded the system (seemingly).  So it often would not engage, and would make terrible grinding noises.

I took it deer hunting with Josh and Darrell in the fall of 2009.  I think the clutch had been sporadically troublesome prior to that but it completely stopped working on the way home.  So we had to start it in gear from a stop to get going.

A few weeks later in the process of getting it to the shop there were some oil issues and I figured that the engine was toast.  I wonder how good that diagnosis was.  Either way that changed my mind about the value of getting the clutch and 4WD fixed. I sold it for $400 to a guy who had a couple other similar models; not sure if he was going to use parts from mine or put parts into it.

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