1982 Ford Bronco

By aaron.axvig, Sat, 12/07/2019 - 18:59
A similar Ford Bronco

This was the vehicle that I most often drove to high school in.  It had an anemic motor that guzzled gasoline, something like 120 horsepower and 10mpg.  I believe the motor was replaced once when I was really young too.

Memorable notes:

  • The roof could be removed but I only remember one occasion on which we did that.
  • The headlights hi/low switch was a foot switch.
  • The rear window was powered, and occasionally streaked with deer blood.
  • The radio had maybe five memory buttons; these allegedly worked by pinching a string in a certain place when you pulled one out to "program" it.  Plausible since it was an analog dial tuner.
  • The windshield wiper switch was wonky so to get them to stop you had to carefully balance the knob between two settings.
  • In icy parking lots, stopping could take longer than expected.  The rear wheels would sometimes keep pushing after the front brakes had locked up the front wheels.  Possibly the rear brakes were too loose?
  • It hit a deer on the way to deer camp one year.  From what I recall we did a fairly intensive disassembly of the front end to get some dents out and straighten a few things.

While we lived on Walker Drive we sold it.  The parents were gone at the time the guy came to look at it so I suppose it was my first car sale!

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