Wiring things in

By aaron.axvig, 5 December, 2018
First part of the NMEA 2000 network set up

After a couple days of part-time poking and exploring where existing instrument wires go between working on other projects, today I got serious about getting some wiring done. Almost all of the floor boards were taken out at one point and there was some delicate wire fishing. But here is the first indication that I am on the right track with the new NMEA 2000 instrument network. That little 4" display shows changing numbers when I spin the paddlewheel sensor with my finger (normally would be spun by water).

Next up is to extend the network to the cockpit where it will provide the same data to the chartplotter and 2-3 4" displays.

Another big hurdle will be to get an instrument installed on top of the mast and then connected in, which will probably be in a week or two.