West Palm Beach

By aaron.axvig, Sat, 09/21/2013 - 23:00

Another late start on Sunday morning--they should just make motel check-out times 8:00 so that I am forced to enjoy the morning. Or I could not stay out late at the karaoke place but hey it was a lot of fun. Anyways, I spent pretty much all afternoon cruising down A1A to West Palm Beach. It is sort of a difficult road to follow because it jumps between mainland and the barrier islands several times and sometimes I missed the turn signs.

West Palm Beach was part of Walter's must see list, including checking out Peanut Island and Clematis Street. For Peanut Island all I could do was look at it from a bridge. If you plan ahead and have some time to spend there I think you can take a boat out to the island and camp. Then I got a place to stay near Clematis Street, which is the nightlife part of WPB. It was a neat old hotel and the clerk said that most of the rooms are continuously rented by the same people, some going back 10 years.

There is a free trolley that drives around the Clematis Street area so I did a loop on that to get the feel for the area. I stopped at a few different places for drinks and food and had some good conversations with a couple people. There were a surprising amount of people out for a Sunday night. Back at the room by midnight, I heard from my godfather Dan that he was going to be in Orlando the next evening. So, remembering that Nick LeTang had offered to take me around Disney World and had Monday off I quickly made plans to head up there the next morning.