We closed on the boat

By aaron.axvig, 25 November, 2018
Hunter 376 sailboat tied up at the dock

We have a boat! I repeat, we have a boat! The 1996 Hunter 376 named Retriever, not sure if we will keep her name or not, is ours. Yesterday we received a call from John telling us the boat was unlocked and we are free to do as we like. We stopped by West Marine to pick up some cleaning supplies and a padlock for the companionway. Next we went to Lowe’s and picked up a few other supplies. Then we grabbed Louise from the camper and headed off to the boat. Louise was pretty apprehensive and skeptical of everything at the marina from the oysters on the dock pillars to the boat itself. Once lifted onto the boat she walked around and explored a little. We did find out that she will need loads of training in becoming a proper boat dog. The areas that need the most work are getting on and off the boat and going up and down the companionway stairs. We’re hoping with time she will learn to love the sailing life as much as we do.

Last night we spent four hours bagging up and throwing out things the previous owners had left behind, which was a lot! We filled up 12 trash bags full of mildewy sheets, sunscreen with an expiration date of 2014, the full bag of trash left in the trash can, and lots more. Now that the boat is rid of the items we did not want to keep, it is time to start cleaning! Over the next few weeks we will be spending our time cleaning, updating, and making the necessary repairs to the boat. After the repairs are done and Aaron’s parents come to take the car and camper back we will start heading south on the ICW.