St. Augustine

By aaron.axvig, Mon, 09/16/2013 - 23:00

I went over to the beach for about an hour this morning to walk in the waves and enjoy the sand between my toes. The water was pretty comfortably warm. Then I packed up my campsite and headed south. My parents' friend Walter who lives in Miami had recommended that I spend some time in St. Augustine and it was about 250 miles south so that is where I am tonight. I went through some heavy rain on the way here but now the weather is nice--cool and breezy.

So I am at Anastasia State Park, where there is a very nice campground (the sand in my campsite was raked!) and a public beach area. I decided I would stay two nights here so that I can do some tours or museums in town, do some laundry, and enjoy the beach.

There are lots of nice cars and big jacked-up pickup trucks in this area which I like looking at.


I wrote that using the Wi-Fi from the restaurant they have near the beach. Afterwards I walked ~300 yards out to the ocean and it was cool to see part of it lit up brightly by moonlight. Then the clouds moved and I was lit up and it seemed bright like daylight for a moment. Very fun.

Then I looked closer at the clouds and noticed what definitely looked like a rain cloud out over the water...straight in the direction from which the wind was strongly blowing. So I set off at a brisk walk back, threw my helmet on, and zoomed away. Of course I missed my turn
so took longer than I should have, and just barely made it into my tent before it started raining.