By aaron.axvig, Tue, 09/24/2013 - 23:00

On Wednesday I walked over to Fort Zachary Taylor State Park and looked at the fort stuff there. There is a beach there too so I took a look but didn't have my swimming suit with. Then I went to the southernmost point of the continental USA where there is a big marker saying "90 miles to Cuba." According to the maps I've looked at the Navy base is further south but I guess it is close enough. I put on my swimming suit and swam at the southernmost beach but the water had poor visibility so I didn't stay long. I drove over to the state park with my swimming suit on this time and jumped in the water but quickly realized I should be snorkeling if the water has 30+ foot visibility.

So I rented a snorkel set and saw many different bright and colorful fish. It was like a real life Finding Nemo. The biggest I saw was maybe 30 inches long but it is tough to tell because everything looks magnified. I also saw some live conch shells.

Then I went back, cleaned up, and walked to the Sunset Celebration that they have nightly. It is a street-fair sort of thing with some jugglers and stuff, and a great view of the setting sun. That was on the far side of town so I stopped in a few bars for drinks as I worked my way back home.

My feet feel like they are at their limits with the combination of being in soaked boots for two days in a row, walking around more than normal, and walking on the really rough beach. Not bad yet but close to blisters in a few spots and they are sore all round.