Ramming the fuel dock

By aaron.axvig, 7 January, 2019
Swing bridge behind the boat

We did a bunch of boat cleaning and repairs yesterday afternoon after Susan Axvig and Randy Axvig arrived. Then this morning a few more things and preparing the boat for travel. We left the boatyard dock just after noon and headed to the Charleston Maritime Center to get diesel and water.

Docking there was challenging with a narrow opening to go through and then the current pushing us away from the dock. It took a few approaches, one of which included ramming the dock at significant speed. Anna and Susan were knocked over even...not good, but at least we didn’t hit the nearby boat with worried-looking occupants.

After filling the tanks we then went through Ben Sawyer bridge, which opens by swinging horizontally. A short ways further down the ICW we pulled into Inlet Creek and dropped the anchor for the night. Aaron and Randy took the dinghy for a test ride and then we had tacos for supper.

The forecasted low is 55F so it will be a little bit chilly.