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By aaron.axvig, 6 December, 2018
Nav station with new VHF and light installed

Progress today:

Put fiberglass panel back on the cabin roof, had to be careful to seal some screw holes to be watertight.

Installed new navigation table light. The old one didn't work, this one can be either red (to preserve night vision) or white and dims. The kit I ordered was not great so I rewired some of it and put a different switch on it.

Installed new VHF radio at nav table. There is one at the binnacle but it doesn't seem to work. I suspect the antenna on the top of the mast is gone as I can't see it from the ground. It will be good to have access to the VHF from inside, and the binnacle will get a remote microphone so will still have access there.

Wired in the charger for the handheld VHF radio. Now we don't have to plug in a wall-wart to supply 12V to it, it is wired directly into a 12V circuit.