Meeting Walter in Miami

By aaron.axvig, Wed, 09/25/2013 - 23:00

Thursday I arrived in Miami at 3:30. I took a toll road this time so it was a pretty quick trip to right downtown where Walter lives. I met him and we headed up to his apartment on the 23rd floor (50 Biscayne is the building if you want to find it on a map). Then we headed up to the 54th floor to check out the view even though it is very nice from his own balcony, and to check out the infinity pool and view of the bay from nearer the ground. It is a pretty classy building and a great way to spend a few days in Miami.

We took the MetroMover around a loop and stopped to look at all the fancy open air restaurants and bars near the marina and Heat stadium. After that we drove over to near Midtown to a biker bar called Wood and had a beer and some tacos. Lots of bikes there, and a good variety of them. Then we drove to Ocean Drive and walked along there checking out all the restaurants and clubs--almost all of them have tables out on the sidewalks and it was a very lively atmosphere.