Leaving Charleston

By aaron.axvig, 15 January, 2019
Map showing a track of our journey from Charleston

Today we left Charleston City Marina just after 10:00am and hurried towards the bridge which only opens once an hour on the half-hour. We were fashionably early so completed three slow circles in the channel and then went through.

For the 6-hour 35 mile trip (like Medora to Dickinson 😁) we had 1 knot favorable currents about half the time and 1 knot unfavorable for most of the rest. Lots of dolphins along the way. We only saw two speedboats; no other vessels in motion. We made it to the anchorage at the predicted time of 4:30. Alligator Creek is the name. On the map they show the anchorage being a little ways up a narrow section of water but on arrival it looked smaller than the Little Missouri so we didn't drive up into there (past visitors have commented that they also just anchored right outside of the creek). We just dropped anchor in the river at the mouth of the creek.

Tomorrow we will go 21 miles to Beaufort, SC. We will either anchor or get a spot at the dock based on how cold we get tonight. We don't have any climate control unless plugged in to shore, and the lows are about 40.