Kennedy Space Center

By aaron.axvig, Thu, 09/19/2013 - 23:00

I arrived at Kennedy Space Center shortly after 9:00 and spent the whole day seeing so many cool things that I didn't even stop to eat. On the bus tour we drove out to the Vehicle Assembly Building and walked inside of it. This is where they assemble the external tank and boosters to the space shuttle (and assemble other rockets). After that we drove over to one of the shuttle launch pads and looked at it from maybe 600 yards, and then drove around and walked right up to the flame trench at the base of the pad. I had never imagined I would stand that close, or walk in the VAB either.

I also saw the Saturn V rocket display and the shuttle Atlantis. Both are enormous. Also I checked out the shuttle launch simulator, ISS IMAX film, multiple museums, and the rocket garden. And there were still a few things I missed. It is a very cool place.

I am spending the weekend in Cocoa Beach. So tomorrow should be a full day doing beach related stuff.