By aaron.axvig, 17 October, 2018

Last night we arrived to our friend Mickey's just east of Indianapolis and slept while she worked the night shift.  In the morning we let her sleep a little and then headed into the center of Indianapolis to check out the sights.

We saw many tall buildings.  Then we went into the ArtsGarden which is a large glass building suspended over a busy intersection.  Feeling hungry, we went over to City Market which is like a food court but not really any chains.

Then we went to the Soldiers and Sailors Monument.  We took the stairs up to the top which is a considered equal to 20 stories.  The sign at the bottom has some guidance, and the first item on the list was to not do the climb immediately after eating.  We forged on anyways and saw some nice views in the solar oven (windows and no ventilation) at the top.

We walked by the very cool hotel that Mickey works at and then over to the canal walk to walk along the water for a little bit.  The boats were not in operation…too cold I guess.  On the way back to the car we stopped by the huge Catholic church which was very nice.

Back home at Mickey's we took Louise for a walk and then went to Hometown Classic Pizza--great service and great pizza.