First homework

By aaron.axvig, 14 August, 2006

Today I had a bunch of classes again; I turned in my first homework of the semester (for Linear Algebra).  I talked to Celia (well, mostly her daughter) and am meeting her on campus after class on Thursday so I can head to their house and eat and meet them all.  Today I had quesadillas instead of tacos, but they were pretty much the same exact thing plus cheese.  They did fill me up more, as 3 pretty much topped me off.

I have been enjoying afternoon naps lately, and sleeping an unbelievable amount.  I think I'm averaging 10 hours per day.  I have a sore throat right now, so I'll probably continue that to try and avoid having a cold.

Tomorrow for Importing and Exporting Operations in Mexico I get to give a presentation about Japan with a girl from Tennessee about their business styles, along with traditional customs and economic information.  The rest of our group is doing reports on Italy, UK, India, Mexico, and Cameroon.