Edisto Beach State Park

By aaron.axvig, Sun, 09/15/2013 - 23:00

The ants were mostly gone from the tent when I woke up. I headed south and stopped in Georgetown. I found the Rice Museum there and learned about South Carolina's rice days and how rice is grown and processed. It was all very interesting and they also have what's left of a 1700 boat on display. "The oldest boat built here that is on display" or something.

After realizing that I could have spent the night at Myrtle Beach State Park right on the ocean I looked further south for other state parks on the beach. I got a place at Edisto Beach State Park but unfortunately I am in the inland campground instead of the one right on the water. Still, I think I will head over in my swimming suit in the morning.

My tent is in a "rustic" site that I have to walk in to about 50 yards through a bunch of creepy overhanging live oaks and little palm trees and all sorts of other growth. This is fairly unnerving but as I know nothing about what threatening wild-life lives here I have nothing to fear...I think. 😀 The mood was brightened when I saw some cute little crabs that were in my site. Somehow one got on top of the picnic table which I don't quite understand.

After dinner I went for a walk along the beach and then sat there and wrote this. Someone launched a luminary which was cool. It rained for a little bit as I arrived in the area earlier this evening, and now it is very humid but starting to cool off a bit.