Charleston City Boatyard to Charleston City Marina

By aaron.axvig, 14 January, 2019

Today we motored from Charleston City Boatyard to Charleston City Marina, about 14 miles. It was sort of cold at 50 degrees. We had some electronics issues so weren't able to use the old chartplotter as planned. The phone works fine as a backup.

Our next stop is Alligator Creek where we plan to anchor tomorrow. This will be 35 nautical miles and we travel at 6 knots so a reasonable 6 hours of travel time. About 20 minutes into the trip we have to go through a bridge that has its first opening for the day at 9:30 and then only at one hour intervals after that. Also we will go through our first bridge that is sort of close to our mast height. It has a 67 foot clearance at high tide and our mast is 60.5 feet plus a couple feet of flexible antenna.

Here at the marina we did some laundry and a ton of dishes that we had put off doing because we were low on water. We walked the docks a little and happened to find the catamaran La Vagabonde, sailed by the couple who have the most popular sailing YouTube channel of the same name.

We are tied up at the "Mega Dock" which they said is one of the largest floating docks. 480V 3-phase power is available here so they must have some serious yachts come in. This is where we have seen the yacht Adix from the road, as described previously.