Celia's house

By aaron.axvig, 16 August, 2006

Well, I just got back from Celia's house.  It is about 10 minutes by car from campus, and pretty nice (about the size of our house in Bismarck, but with no yard).  She made spaghetti for lunch, and lemon meringue pie for desert (both tasted just like at home).  Then I showed them a bunch of pictures that I had of me and my family on my laptop, and she pulled out her old pictures from 1974-1975.  I didn't recognize my mom in any of them though.

They all spoke English pretty well (except Celia, who's English is about as good as my Spanish), although they consciously tried to speak Spanish as much as possible because they really wanted to help me learn.  So I got the most practice today as any day I have spent here so far.

They (Celia & Guillermo) have three kids: Memo is 22, Jessica is 21, and Anacelia is 19.  Jessica goes to art school, Memo is studying Industrial Engineering at Tec, and Anacelia is also going to Tec.  Here are some pictures (Jessica was not there, but that is her art in the background):

Four people on a couch

Four people on a couch

They also have a dog, and 6 horses somewhere outside of town.  Guillermo owns a fleet of 5 refrigerator trucks that import meat from Texas (Laredo, I believe).  They also have a maid that works in their house all day.