Bojangles and riding through sand

By aaron.axvig, Sat, 09/14/2013 - 23:00

I surprisingly didn’t have any new sore body parts this morning and now in the evening I am pretty much feeling normal. For lunch I tried some fast food place I have been seeing often called Bojangles. They claim to be famous for their chicken and biscuits. It was like KFC pretty much. I don't think I'll be going back as big hunks of chicken aren't really my style. The biscuits were decent but nothing special.

I took state and US highways towards Myrtle Beach for most of the day. As I approached Myrtle Beach I became quite un-excited at excessive commercialization/tourism vibes I was getting from all the billboards. So I turned off and headed towards a campground in Georgetown, which is about 30 miles south from MB. The campground was at the end of a 1/2 mile gravel road, or so I thought. Actually about 200 yards in it turned to very loose sand but I was committed so on I went. It was hard work staying upright, and then when I finally got there it was more of a long-term camping place for big campers owned by people who also use the attached marina to moor their yachts. So I took the sand road back out. At least on the drive through Georgetown I saw a nice historical district that I might spend some time in tomorrow. One of these days I would like to find a big power plant or factory to tour too.

I didn't see any campgrounds reasonably close further south so I resigned to visiting MB. My searching is typically done using a phone while I sit sweating profusely on a hot machine in a heavy jacket in the sun in any handy parking lot, so there is plenty of room for error and I'm sure someone could find a campground that would have worked perfectly for me. :) Predictions were mostly true as it is indeed pretty much a long strip of intense commercialization--tons of uninteresting stuff like t-shirt shops and mini-golf amusement parks. I stopped at one of the "family campgrounds" which have beach access I think but bailed out of there after the people in line in front of me paid $110 for two nights. I found a KOA not on the beach but I could have just as well stayed at the first place since the KOA price is $45. So my tent site prices have ranged from $10 to $45, with most of them at $20-25. $25 seems steep to me but I guess supplying hot showers doesn't happen for free.

I did find some pretty cheap pizza for supper and it was really good. Also I tried Cheerwine--a cherry flavored pop out of Salisbury, NC (which is where the Bojangles I stopped at was). It's pretty good.


I just noticed about 200 ants have found their way through a tiny seam gap in the corner. I plugged the hole with toothpaste and the ones stuck inside seem to be riled up now!